Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Quotes From The Boy Aged 8

Boy: "Mummy C?"

Mummy C: "Yes"

Boy: "Can anyone go to the Olympics twice?"

Mummy C: "What do you mean?"

Boy: "Can.....Can someone do the Olympics twice?"

Mummy C: "If you mean 'can someone take part in this Olympics and then the next Olympics in 4 years time', then yes, but only if you're good enough to be selected"

Boy: "I'm good at talking"

Mummy C: "No you have to be good at an Olympic sport"

Boy: "Like Cricket?"

Mummy C: "No Cricket isn't an Olympic sport, running is in the Olympics"

Boy: "I'm good at running aren't I Mum?"

**Whilst finishing his bath**


Mummy 'C': "Yes please!"

Boy: "It's got poo pesticles in it!"

Mummy 'C': "It's got what?!"


Mummy: "What's the Queen's job?"

Boy: "The Queen's job is living in Buckingham Palace"

Mummy: "Yes, but what is her job?"

Boy: "To do the dusting!"

Mummy 'C': "Where's your homework?"

Boy: "In my sticky bag"

Mummy 'C' and Mummy: "In your what?"

Boy: "In my sticky bag, you know, the one made of twigs"

Mummy 'C': "Oh you mean your hessian bag?"

**After dinner**
**The boy has recently learnt to spell his name using phonetics from going to St.John Ambulance cadets. Mummy 'C' was busily writing down the previous quote so we wouldn't forget**

Mummy (to Mummy 'C'): "What are you doing? Typing?"

Mummy 'C': "Yes, I'm doing the name thing"

Boy: "Tango, Echo, India....."

**Whilst at the dinner table**

Boy: "Does everyone in the world have a name?"

Mummy: "Um...I think so, how would you know what to call then if they didn't?"

Boy: "What if some people don't have names?"

Mummy: "I don't know....."

TV Programme: "How does water come out of a tap?"

Boy: "EASY!......From the sewer! But it gets diluted"

**When discussing one of the family's dogs being on heat**

Boy: "What does 'On Heat' mean?"

Mum: "When a dog has a period"

Boy: "Do they get really REALLY hot?"