Thursday, April 26, 2012

Quotes From The Girl Aged 21 Months

The girl is still constructing her vocabulary at the moment, but there are hints of words starting to form such as "bala". Can anyone guess what she means by this?

Hint: It's something that floats in the air and is often tied to a string!


The following quotes came from Mummy and Mama deciding to go out for Sunday Lunch. We stopped at a semi-rural gastro pub, with Girl in tow, and were shown to our seats. The was a young couple behind us and another couple nearby. We ordered our food, 2 roast dinners respectively. The food was yummy so we thought we'd try dessert.

Mummy started reading the menu aloud...."Creme Brulee", "Ice-Cream", "Chocolate Cake" which point, The Girl, repeats the word "Cake", but unfortunately due to lack of word formation at such a young age sounds more like a male appendage "C*CK":

Mummy: "Ice Cream, Creme Brulee, Chocolate Cake"

The Girl: "C*CK"

Mummy (to Mama): "Oh my God, she just said c*ck!"

At this point Mama and the other couples were in hysterics with Mummy frantically trying to cover up the fact are innocent little girl had just said "C*CK":

Mummy (to The Girl): "Clever Girl!! You said CAKE!!"

The Girl: "C*CK!....C*CK!...."

Mummy: "Yay! CAKE... CAKE!!"

The Girl: "CACK!... CACK!...."

Mummy: ((Phew))

I think we got away with it!

((Watch the video))

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