Sunday, July 11, 2010

World Cup Final Day: Sunday 11th July 2010

.........this day will live long in the memory, not just because Spain won the World Cup, but our 2nd little miracle was about to show the signs of discomfort and begin her and our journey into the unknown.

Sunday 11th July 2010 5pm:

Teigue had been at a friend's birthday party for most of the afternoon so it was just Lucy and myself at home relaxing. After having a lovely day, it was time to collect Teigue. We arrived at his friend's house about 5pm and could hear straight away they were having a great time in the much so they couldn't hear the doorbell! When we were eventually let in, we were directed to the back garden where we saw Teigue and his friends engaging in a mass water fight with giant water pistols, bouncy castle and BBQ. Needless to say Teigue wasn't best pleased it was time to go home! He started playing up and shouting that he didn't want to go, quite embarrassing in front of the other mums and dads.

We eventually managed to prize him away, but not without lots of screaming, shouting and stamping of feet. Lucy was starting to feel tired and getting the early signs of a headache so we decided to go straight home. Teigue was still grumpy which lead to more shouting, stomping and stress, Lucy's headache got worse and she could feel her heart rate increase which made her feel a bit dizzy, Teigue's bedtime was fast approaching which saw more obnoxiousness before he finally gave in and went to bed. At this point Lucy decided to have a lie down, it must have been about 7pm, the world cup final between Spain and Holland was about to get under way so i settled in front of the telly to watch.

Sunday 11th July 2010 8pm:

Lucy joined part way into the match, she couldn't sleep because it was hot, her headache not going away. We were supporting Spain as Lucy is half Spanish. As England were so rubbish, Spain were my second team and we both had kind of a tiny crush on Fernando Torres (we are both lesbians). It was even stevens most of the match which built more tension, 0-0 at full time so extra time needed. Spain eventually scored and went on to win 1-0...brilliant!

Sunday 11th July 2010 10:30pm:

Even though we were happy Spain won, Lucy was still feeling ill and decided to take her blood pressure on a home device, its something you strap to your wrist. The results were worrying and as the headache was still persisting decided to take no chances and went to A&E.

We dropped Teigue off at Lucy's Mum's house then carried on to A&E. The doctors didn't seem that worried at first but after explaining her history with Pre-Eclampsia, they took it more seriously. The baby's heart rate was monitored, Lucy's blood pressure taken and some aspirin dished out for the headache. I wasn't worried at this point because the baby's heart rate was good and Lucy was in the best place if anything needed to be done. A few hours ticked by with no change, her blood pressure was still high so the doctors decided to be on the safe side and kept her in overnight. I thought, well it is for the best, even though Lucy is a very reluctant patient! Home i went to pack an overnight bag and dropped it back to the hospital.....

To be continued......

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