Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday 13th July 2010 5:00pm

Lucy had booked a 4D scan at a private clinic in Hendon before being admitted to hospital, i was in two minds about whether it was a good idea to go as the hospital was adamant she should not go too far afield. Lucy was determined to get the scan for memories sake so against my better judgement we went. I picked Lucy (with cannula in hand) up from the maternity entrance together with her best friend and Mum. The scan went well although the sonographer had to do a lot of prodding and poking to get baby in the right position...too close to the womb wall and baby looks like and alien or something from Terminator!

Anyway, we eventually got some good images with the Sonographer telling us baby was roughly 2 lbs 2oz (a guesstimate based on the head circumference and how many weeks gone)....this gave us confidence that baby was growing normally and could be a healthy weight at full term!

Whilst at the clinic, the hospital were ringing to find out where Lucy had gone. The phone was shoved in my hand and i was told to "make up an excuse"....now anyone that knows me knows i'm crap at lying so i just said "oh she needed some fresh air, we've taken her for a drive, she'll be back soon" - that was rubbish!

The hospital weren't too happy, they made me feel guilty for taking Lucy out, but it was Lucy that was so determined to get the scan done! We went back as soon as we could armed with the precious 4D scans, which incidentally cost me over £75 but it was well worth it.

Having dropped Lucy back at the hospital i made my way back home for another night of waiting........

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